経歴 / Biography

私の経歴 / Biography

Hi there, I'm Sadao.
Born and bred in Tokyo, Japan. But somehow I ended up living in Queenstown, New Zealand and being a full time hiking guide all over the globe. This is a bit of history of me!


I love outdoors. Since when I was a teenager, I think. This is why I decided to study forestry in Shinshu University. The university is the one that all high school students in Japan who loves outdoor admire to enter. It is the centre for all sort of mountain researches and located right next to the Japanese Alps. I spent most of time fly fishing in a river next to the campus in summers, and managed to condence all lectures into three days a week and went for tele-skiing for rest of the week in winters. That time I found that my body can't cope and need rest if I go for skiing seven days a week!



What brought me to New Zealand? In 2001 I was asked "Which country do you like? - Australia, New Zealand or United States" by the professor when I wanted to contine master's course. I have heard skiers and snowboarders go to New Zealand for training in summer, so I answered "New Zealand". Three months later I was sent to Ruatoria for the research. Not many people has been kidnapped to Ruatoria straight away after entering the country. Ruatoria is remote and the life there is interesting - courier substitutes public bus service, power cut happens once a week and kids riding horse to go to school. But I thought this life style is pretty good.


In November 2006 I decided to throw away all my academic career in Japan, and moved to New Zealand completely. After my first job as a hut warden in Tongariro National Park, I tramped across the South Island from Queen Charlotte Track to Routeburn-Greenstone Track. This three months was my very first long trail experience and I heard about a hiking guide job. Since the following summer I started a full time hiking guide which I work for Milford, Routeburn and Greenstone Tracks in summer, European Alps in their summer and little bit of winter in between. I also join some local trail runnning and mountain biking races since 2008.

私の職務経歴 / Work History