Kepler Challenge Mountain Run 2016 – ケプラーチャレンジ

It was a big day today. The Kepler Challenge Mountain Run, 60km loop run on Kepler Mountains near Lake Te Anau, is the NZ’s iconic mountain running event. The race starts when the entry opens – It sells out 450 spots within a minutes after opening the entry – at 6am on the first Saturday in July! Today we started at 6am with fine weather but cold front just passed through when I ran across the highest point of the track. Pretty windy and cold at the top. I finished around 2:50pm so 8:50 is not too bad considering I’m recovering from mountain bike injury two weeks ago and hadn’t trained past three weeks. Company wasn’t bad neither. Thanks, my wife Karen, Ma-chan and Taka, to support behind the scene! It was great to see the little bronze trophy for the race – Karen’s uncle’s shoe made by her aunt.



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